Quantum Chronicles & Imperial Planet Anthony Fucilla

Quantum Chronicles In The Eleventh Dimension

Books 1 & 2  

Imperial Planet

A collection of Sci-Fi Anthologies


"All the stories are excellent and provide much food for thought but the two {The Appointment / Memoirs of Time) are, for me at least, outstanding in both content and the implications they contain for us all now in this very real materialistic world of ours...." Professor Jeremy Dunning Davies

''There is so much more to Fucilla’s work than mere space adventure for those who wish to engage with a philosopher and theologist who so very evidently knows and loves his discipline.''
 Margaret Henderson Smith 


Man is held within the sphere of time and Space...but beyond it lies another realm... 

At Your Request

William Leadholm, widower, on the verge of suicide, heads to Earth, where he can have his late wife reconstructed to his exact specifications

The Memory of Green
Sean Winters, lunar resident, pursues a lifetime dream when he travels to Earth. With limited time he sets out to unfold its mysteries

The Man Who Awoke Yesterday
Dirk Allen awakens in unfamiliar surroundings and soon faces a brutal reality as his very own existence is now called into question

Slit in the Sky
Crazed Scientist, Eric Western, manufacturer of the T-Propeller, is on a quest to prove that all life on earth originated from aliens

The Appointment
The planet Orious sits uniquely in deep space...Ludovic Martel, Terra Ambassador, meets with its leader with anunexpected message
The Hidden Cave
Deep beneath the sea lies a doorway into a parallel dimension...Cliff Fontaine soon discovers this when his world is turned upside down. Is there a way back? 

Terra Unknown
Commander Myers arrives on an unknown planet, one far out in another solar system where nothing but the relics of a past existence remains

Destination Citon
Imagine waking up and discovering your whole life has been manufactured

Spy Hunter
Beyond the confines of a subterranean world, mutants stalk the surface of the radioactive earth with an unwanted guest

Mind Blitz
In a world where your thoughts and ideas are no longer your own, people who set out to conceal them are deemed evil

Memoirs of Time
Boris Muller finds the key to unlock the gateway of time

He Dreams Planet Earth 
Mind Control: the ultimate crime prevention

The Edge of Eternity

At death what happens to that invisible energy of the brain known as consciousness?