Quantum Chronicles & Imperial Planet Anthony Fucilla

Quantum Chronicles In The Eleventh Dimension

Books 1 & 2  

Imperial Planet

A collection of Sci-Fi Anthologies


Quantum Chronicles In The Eleventh Dimension is a remarkable tour de force of science fiction with a very deep message’’ –Professor Lawrence Horwitz

“It is easy to see that these tales have been written by a philosopher who has thought long and deeply before putting pen to paper’’ – Professor Jeremy Dunning Davies

"...in the traditions of the great Science Fiction Masters like Asimov, Fred Hoyle and Poul Anderson’’ – Professor Dr Jose Croca

'There is so much more to Fucilla’s work than mere space adventure for those who wish to engage with a philosopher and theologist who so very evidently knows and loves his discipline.''
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13 Sci-fi Tales


In the world of Sci-fi, reality becomes a fantasy and fantasy a reality. It allows us to dream for a time; our imagination wanders into a realm of impossibility; it breaks the barriers of logic, the summit of our knowledge, and enters a new dimension……


Metallic Cosmos

Clegg Willis, human, one of few alive, dwells within a world where only A-class Robots rule.


Electro Domestics of the Future

After a twelve-year sentence is cut short, Craig De Lucas returns to Earth from Mars. The government has handed him a stern task.


Molecular Alteration

Jack Webster is a simple-minded old man who dreams of rejuvenation; the closest thing to immortality, man’s greatest quest since time began.


Mechanical Eyes

Engineer Michael Richards battles against a dream; a dream which he is convinced is real. Is it all the manufacture of his mind, a chemically-induced occurrence, or are there other hidden truths? Which is the greater reality: the world we know or the one in our dreams?



Two men are catapulted ahead in time…Somewhere between the sky and the Earth lies a doorway into another world.


The Storm Chaser

Al Dennis, storm chaser, finds himself torn from the world he knew. His whole identity is now called into question.


No Mars Redemption

Gary Pope, resident of the Red Planet, longs to see the new Mars.


Time Report

Reinhardt Brewster files in the Time Report...65 years of age and deemed fit to live out the rest of his life.



Chris Nicholson journeys to a planet and soon discovers he’s not alone.


Visions of the Future

On a space flight, Lawrence Colt suddenly awakens.


Ganymede Project

A genetically engineered man is sent to Ganymede on a terraforming project.


Ripple Effect

Can a simple journey back in Time alter the present?


The Winds of Mars

An ex-intergalactic soldier reflects on the meaning of life.